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Betsy has been in the Lake Oswego community since 1977 and member of the Lake Oswego Chamber of Commerce since 1994. Her outgoing personality and professionalism along with a great sense of humor have been instrumental in bringing in new members, which makes her an excellent Chamber Ambassador. Betsy provides her time to host great networking and business events. Betsy also has been a regular volunteer for the Chamber's Flower Basket Program, which our community takes a great deal of pride in. It's no surprise that Betsy was awarded with the Chamber's 2006 "Networker of the Year" award.
Jerry L. Wheeler, Sr. IOM
Executive Director/CEO

Networker of the Year
Betsy receiving Lake Oswego's Chamber of Commerce 2006 "Networker of the Year" award.


Ranch 1

Betsy and her Professional Pet Sitting Service was exactly what we needed when our entire family and friends all had to be in Las Vegas for our daughter's wedding. We have a bunch of pets--27 to be exact (11 Horses, 2 Pet Steers, 4 dogs, 8 cats, and 2 bunnies) and they are ALL our BABIES! Betsy is so professional, loving, and helpful and she took EXCELLENT care of each and every one of our pets (even giving medicine to those that need it). If you want the BEST hire Betsy's Pet Sitting Service. If she can handle our "Wilsonville Zoo" she can definitely take superior care of your pets!

Kellie & Dave Grill
Owners of Whirlwind Farm in Wilsonville, OR.
Kellie is Oregon Horse Country Immediate Past-Chair and
Board Member of Wilsonville Chamber of Commerce

Betsy feeding Kellie's Horses on Ranch

Ranch 1

Betsy feeding Kellie's Steer on Ranch


Mayor Judy
(Lake Oswego event) "Pets on Parade," with Betsy Reis as
the organizer and emcee, was a real hit - with young, old, and
pets of every kind.

Judie Hammerstad, Mayor
Lake Oswego, Oregon


Dick Saunders
Laura Adler

There’s no Pulling the Wool Over Your Eyes when you hire Betsy Reis.

Dick Saunders Orchestra
Music– Entertainment

Your Dog, Cat, Rabbit or even Ferret will always be treated to the sweetest and most loving care with Betsy’s Pet Sitting Service.

Laura Adler, Owner
Bernard C Chocolates

Lake Oswego, Oregon


Pati Parisi

Maxi, my golden retriever, loves to travel to the Parisi Cabin, but when summer comes and it's time for the Rodeo Season, I'll call Betsy of Betsy's Pet Sitting Service. In my business, selling residential real estate, many of my clients are relocating to the area and Betsy is an invaluable source for them and their beloved pets.
Thanks Betsy!

Pati Parisi, Broker
Prudential Northwest Properties

Pati Parisi and Betsy


Betsy with Dan Duncan

Betsy with Dan Duncan, Lake Oswego's Beloved Police Chief,
2009 "Pets on Parade" photo. In picture, "Freckles,"
Betsy's French Angora Rabbit, and "Kai," Police Dog.

Dan Duncan and Betsy


Wade Byer and Betsy
Syd Dorn with Betsy
Betsy's Five Paw rated Pet Sitting Service will truly leave a lasting "Imprint" on you and your Pets.

Wade Byers,
Mayor of Gladstone
When you hire Betsy to care for your Pets and
home, you know you will always get a "Dorn Good" Pet provider.

Syd Dorn,
Owner of Syd Dorn's Vehicle Buyers Service


Betsy's Pet Sitting Service
Lake Oswego, OR 97034
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